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IN 3mm




Well, I have for many years experimented with making the board game PANZER BLITZ into a miniature game.  I think with 3mm products I have achieved it.  What I am looking for is a miniature game that has the ease of use of a board game and takes up less space.




I decided to use modular terrain for this project as it is easier to set up.  Ease is much more in keeping with the board game feel.  I started out with 9 by 7 inch canvas wrapped artist tiles which I got from the Dollar Store.  Next, I added a layer of paper mache to give the board a rough look.  This was painted in mud brown which, once dried, was painted in white glue and then dipped in flocking.  Once the flocking and glue harden, the whole flock surface was dry brushed in light green to highlight the flocking texture. 


Trees were glued on in clumps rather than individual trees in this scale. 



Buildings were of balsa wood, as were roads of balsa sheet.



Rivers were laid out in carpenters glue and allowed to dry before painting.



Hedges were of coarse flocking in a light colour than the ground flocking.



Hills and bridges were built up of clay and allowed to dry, then the hills were covered in paper mache.


In all I have built 56 tiles of European Terrain and am planning 40 tiles of desert terrain (including a canal for the Israelis to capture).



Troops and Units


I chose to do my stands with single vehicles or groups of infantry, each mounted on a Canadian penny.  Vehicles are mounted as single AFVs or sufficient vehicles to load 5 man stand in the case of troop carriers (to keep the passenger rules as simple as in the board game).  Thus an APC is mounted singly but jeeps are mounted 2 per base and motorcycles 3 per base.


Bases have a ID tag at the rear (unless the model is too long then it is at the side) which displays the game short title of the model and the ID number (I use a version of the Arab-Israeli Wars PIC Number).  This is enough information to go to the Unit Function Table to get the necessary game information.  The ID System is simple:


0000  Command/engineer vehicles

1000  Towed Artillery

2000  Infantry

3000  Transport

4000 Self Propelled Artillery

5000 Recon

6000  Tanks

7000 Tank Destroyers and Infantry Tanks

8000  Anti Aircarft

9000  Aircraft



The Game


The game itself is modified in that 1 inch equals 125 yards (or a quarter hex from the original game maps) thus a 2 by 2 inch area is roughly equal to a game board hex.  I have used much of the updated material available on the internet to give new values to the units in the game.  I have also reduced the WW2 Soviet AFVs to half companies (5 vehicles) and the infantry to platoons to bring the level of play equal across nationalities.


Rules and Stuff


Find below all the rules and army lists to play.


Player Sheet

Panzer Blitz Mini Unit Function Table Player Sheet.pdf


Panzer Leader Mini version 5.pdf

WW2 Soviet

Panzer Blitz Mini Unit Function Table Soviet.pdf

Modern OPFOR/Arab

Panzer Blitz Mini Unit Function Table Opfor.pdf

Modern Israeli

Panzer Blitz Mini Unit Function Table Israeli.pdf

WW2 German

Panzer Blitz Mini Unit Function Table German.pdf


Panzer Blitz Mini Unit Function Table ww2 USA.pdf




Here are the templates to make the ID tags for the miniatures.


Modern Israeli 

template 3mm Israeli.pdf

Modern NATO 

template 3mm NATO.pdf

WW2 Germans 

template 3mm german.pdf

Modern OPFOR 

template 3mm Arab_WP.pdf

WW2 Soviets

template 3mm USSR.pdf


template 3mm UK.pdf





Scenario 1 Scenario 3mm





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