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Modern Wargaming

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Modern Wargaming


Here are my thoughts on using CWC in modern warfare:


Modern Orders Of Battle


The following Orders of Battle (OOBs) were converted from period Canadian army intelligence lists, Enola‚Äôs World Armies 1981, and Combined Arms by Frank Chadwick.  Some of this comes from the WRG OOBs converted for CWC, I went through these OOBs and cleaned them up to make military sense then added info from the other references.  Use the Cold War commander rules un-modified except as mentioned below. 


African OpFor Army


American Army


Argentine Army


Austrailian Army


Belgian Army


British Army


Canadian Army


Chinese Army


Cuban Army


Danish Army


Dutch Army


Egyptian Army


French Armee de Terre

German Heer


Greek Army


Indian Army


Italian Army


Iraqi Army


Israeli Army


Jordanian Army


Kuwaiti Army


North Korean Army


North Vietnamese Army


Norwegian Army


Pakistani Army


Saudi Army


South African Army


South Korean Army


South Vietamese Army


Syrian Army


Swedish Army


Warsaw Pact and Client States Army




House Rules


TOC (Tactical Operations Centre)


The tactical operations centre is an important part of the modern warfare command and control.  The TOC is the main forward headquarters element of the military formation; this is the relay link between CO and his HQs, as well as the link to his rear services.  The TOC functions in a separate location for the CO usually farther back.  With a functioning TOC the commander is more able to control and command his battle-groups.  Thus the TOC adds to the command value of the CO.  The TOC has a value of 0 to 3 which means that the TOC can add this many orders to the CO if the TOC is present and functioning.


When the CO is in base contact with the TOC he may issue orders without die roll modifier applied until his third order.  However, because the CO is not out and about inspiring his HQs and troops, all units under that CO use initiative at the next lowest tactical doctrine.  If they are at the lowest tactical doctrine they may not use the initiative phase at all.  This represents the effects of micro-managing your subordinates. 


As a model use a Command Post truck or Carrier, such as a M577.


Linear Artillery Template


A linear template could be 2cm by 10cm and would be given in the game as a point on the ground as the start point and direction given on which the 10cm linear template is orientated. Then roll for deviation as per normal rules.


Artillery Doctrine


Artillery can be one of the following;

Dedicated - Dedicated artillery can be called down by HQ or CO stand of the battlegroup.  This would be mortars and artillery that are part of the battle group and on the game board.


Direct Support - Direct Support artillery can only be called by an FAO.  This would include all regiment and brigade artillery not part of the battle group and all off board artillery.

General Support - General Support artillery must be scheduled or can be called down with a -2 FAO modifier.  This would be divisional or higher level assets.


Reverse Movement


Units may move in reverse keeping their front on to the enemy but do so at half the movement value outlined in their stats.





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