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I base all my models using magnetic strip and thin tin.  Once cut to the shape and size required, I spray paint it brown mid green, spray glue on and drop a mixture of railroad grass/crushed florist brick.  I like my bases clean and simple to fit in any terrain environment. 




I mount using contact cement which is then sprinkled with more crushed brick.


Painting Can DO Pz III and Pz II


I base coat with Testors Flat Grey.  I got this whole new off ebay for US$10.



I use a diluted mixture of yellow, brown and green as dust and dirt on the sides.  Finally, I use a black-green diluted wash over the whole model:



So that is my 3 colour paint job which is good at 2 foot visually.  At 1 foot I would paint the mufflers rust, black tow cable and the other tools steel/wood as necessary.

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