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WW2 Wargaming

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WW2 Wargaming


Here are my thoughts on BKC and WW2 historical ORBATs.  This is a comprehensive book on the TO&Es (Tables of Organization and Equipment) or ORBATs (Orders of Battle) of many nations in World War Two at platoon scale.  This is the third incarnation of this list having been previously prepared for the board game “Panzer Blitz” in late 1980s and Grant’s “Battle” in the 1990s. 


This list, prepared for Blitzkrieg Commander, departs from that rule set with the addition of:


-          light mortars where available in platoon strength;


-          The use of horses, bicycles, motorcycles as forms of transportation rather than bases of cavalry, bicycle infantry and motorcycle units.  Players should pair them up with the dismounted units in the company to arrive a BKC troop types; I just prefer a dismounted option;


-          I attempted to limit the number of FAOs and where you see HQ in artillery groups these should be ignored as HQ stands and not brought into play; and


-          COs are not indicated on the TO&Es and should be issued one per player in the game if not using BKC points.


As to sources, I have used Panzer Blitz/Panzer Leader Rules booklets, Command Decision 2 and all 17 of its Command Post Quarterly Magazines, Battlefront WW2 ORBATs, several websites and a host of material in my possession.  Almost every unit listed here has been checked against 2 sources but may contain some errors or compromises. I have not dealt with the Normandy version of the 21st Panzer Division.


For those of you who wish to do vehicle recovery and supply rules add an ARV and supply truck to each Unit HQ for mechanized units and a supply vehicle appropriate to the type of unit for each non-mechanized unit.


In a case where BKC dates and my dates conflict use BKC dates.


There is a huge list of abbreviations at the end of this work to translate my “Panzer Blitz” speak into meaningful comparisons of BKC troop designations.  Feel free to send any useful comments.



WW2 American Unit Organizations WW2 American Wargaming

WW2 British Unit Organizations WW2 British Wargaming

WW2 French Unit Organizations WW2 French wargaming

WW2 Finnish Unit Organizations WW2 Finnish Wargaming

WW2 German Unit Organizations WW2 German Wargaming

WW2 Greek Unit Organizations WW2 Greek Wargaming

WW2 Italian Unit Organizations WW2 Italian Wargaming

WW2 Japanese Unit Organizations WW2 Japanese Wargaming

WW2 Neutrals Unit Organization WW2 Small Neutrals Wargaming

WW2 Polish Unit Organization WW2 Polish Wargaming

WW2 Rumanian Unit Organization WW2 Rumanian Wargaming

WW2 Soviet Unit Organizations WW2 Soviet Wargaming

Abbreviations Abbreviations

Specialty Units 21panzer




Special Rules


Commissar – Commissars have no command rating, they are a stand feared by all other dismounted troops, COs and HQs on their own side.  Basically, if a stand is within 10cm of a commissar it must charge the nearest enemy in the Initiative phase no choice.  Any CO or HQ touching a commissar must issue all its orders each turn and must move toward the enemy during movement regardless.





Scenario 1 AAR


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